Surf Courses

We offer courses for all ages and abilities, for individuals or in groups, with each class lasting around 2 hours. Groups are organised so that you will always be learning with people of a similar level. There is always one monitor for every 5 students for a more personal experience.

Languages: Spanish, English, and German.

Classes include all of the materials such as surf boards and wetsuits needed.

Typically the first 30 minutes of a class are spent on the beach, with the rest of time spent in the water.

In each class the level progresses according to the ability, physical condition and motivation of each of the students.

  • 1 day

    2 hours
    Basic exercises

  • 3 days

    2 hours/day
    Getting upright
    Body control
    Balance exercises

  • 5 days

    2 hours / day
    Warm-up & stretching
    Getting upright
    Choosing a wave

  • 7 days

    2 hours / day
    Riding the wave
    Wave selection
    Getting upright
    Turning techniques
    Keeping upright
    Warming & stretching

For more advanced levels we have other programs available, please consult for more details.

The Surfing Calendar.

For experienced surfers: the best surfing conditions are from October to April, with January and February likely to offer the most days of good waves.

For intermediate-level surfers: there are typically good surfing conditions from September through to June.

For beginners: throughout the whole year there are waves which are good to learn to surf. In the winter if the waves are too big at El Palmar, we can move to other nearby beaches nearby where conditions are milder.