Surf Shop

Our surf shop is designed to cater for all tastes and styles, both for beginners and for more advanced surfers, from soft and intermediate boards through to hand-made fibreglass and epoxy boards for experienced surfers, retro fish- and longboards, quads, short boards, funboards, mini-malibus, and a full range of bodyboards, both new and second-hand.




We stock a full range of accessories such as wetsuits and rash-vests, wax, fins, grips, board-bags, sun-glasses, sun-block, and more.

And we are always updating our range of beachwear to bring you something fresh and different: swimsuits for girls, bikinis, bathers and clothes, flip-flops and sandals, sun hats, beach bags, fun jewelry and more.

Into skateboarding? Then we have you covered, too, with a range of skateboads, longboards and skate accessories.

Come in and see for yourselves.