Courses and Lessons

Surf Courses

The courses are designed for all ages and levels of surfing.

Each class lasts approximately 2 hours and can be done in a group or individually; the levels will always be the same.

For every 5 students we have a monitor so that the classes are more personalized.

Languages: Spanish, English and German.

The class includes all the material, custom boards, wetsuits, lycra, etc.

On land we are approximately 30 minutes, the rest of the time are practices in the water.

In each class we will advance progressively according to the person, physical condition and motivation of each one.


For experienced surfers:

The most consistent time is from October to April, being January and February in which you will find more days of waves.

For intermediate level surfers:

From September to June there are good conditions.

For those who want to learn:

Throughout the year there are waves suitable for learning to surf, if there are big waves in El Palmar in winter, we look for other nearby beaches that lend themselves to learning.

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